We recently moved to a new database system that will allow you to view and manage your personal account information, donation history, event registrations, and purchases throughout the year. Please create a login and password for your account.

Please review and complete the following personal information for your PTO account.
(This information will be used to auto-populate all future forms and registrations you complete.)

Cheyenne Traditional PTO respects the privace of all of our families. Personal information shared with the PTO will only be used to meet your PTO needs and will not be shared outside of our organization.

(This is the primary parent for the account.)



Please complete the following informaiton for ALL students attending Cheyenne.
(Fill in the student grade information for the 2016-17 school year. If you do not know the teacher your student is assigned to, please select "UNKNOWN" in the drop-down menu.)

Thank you for completing your account information.

After you SUBMIT your information, please become a member of the PTO by making a donation. Just select DONATE TO PTO from the "What would you like to do?" pull-down menu. Every dollar donated to Cheyenne makes a difference to our students!

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